Total Costs of Moving Abroad to Teach English: Thailand 2016

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If you haven’t read my post What is the Actual Cost of Moving Abroad to Teach English in Thailand, then you might want to check it out before reading this page. That article explains all of the costs below in great detail, and has tips on how to minimize your spendage on these necessary items.
But either way, here is the all-inclusive cost list for moving abroad to teach English in Thailand, and some different scenario based totals, including the average, cheapest case, and most expensive case.

Flight cost: $650-$1,000

Non Immigrant B Visa: $55-$140 (single/multiple)

Travel Insurance: varies, but you can expect to pay about a $5.00 monthly fee.

Online TESOL: $250-500

ONIn class TESOL: $1,500-2,000

1rst month accommodation: $300-500

1rst month food budget: $200

Misc transportation: $100

Misc school supplies: $50

Sightseeing/ Beer: $300-400

Travel abroad Program**usually includes Visa costs, TESOL costs, and insurance costs.: $2,000-2,500

Hidden Temple View Online option

Average of all costs = $2022.50

Cheapest Case Scenario = $1,905

Most Expensive Case Scenario = $2,890.00

In-Class TESOL option

Average of all-costs = $3,772.50

Cheapest Case Scenario = $3,155

Most Expensive Case scenario = $ 4,390

The Short Answer

I’d say you should save $3,000-5,000 USD to pay for everything above, and get set up to move abroad and teach English in Thailand.

All of these numbers are based upon estimations and prices of documents and services listed above.

There are definitely exceptions and differences in everybody’s individual experiences, and truth be told, I have known people who have moved to Thailand on less than $2,000.

Hidden Temple View

View from the hidden temple~ Hua Hin

I just want you to know what to expect, and to be aware of the all the costs involved.

A Note About Cell Phones

The cost of a new cell phone plan is the only thing I didn’t factor into this list, and that’s because costs are constantly changing. There are always new promotions and rates, but in general a phone and internet plan can be a bit cheaper  in Thailand. If you’re really stretched for your first couple weeks in Thailand as you try to land a teaching job, then you can get a cheap burner phone, or just use stuff like Facebook and Skype.

I hope this helps, and if any of you readers decide to make it to Thailand, hit me up and I’d love to help you cut into your beer and sightseeing budget
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