Who is the Jai Guy?


Things I like



-Final Fantasy 10


-Ripping guitar solos

well… all music actually


– Deep conversations at 2:38 in the morning

-Watching the sunset over a lake

-Meeting strangers

-Ray Bradbury

-Kind people

Things I don’t like

-The New World Order


-Student loans

-Pants that don’t fit right

– How the media makes no mention of Akon pushing to bring solar energy to impoverished African areas, but makes a headline of what Kim and Kanye will name their dog.

-Pushy sales tactics


Things I do

I write. I love narrative writing. I’m currently working on a project with Black Chicken Studios, but I mostly do lots of travel writing. Check out some cool articles I’ve posted on other sites, such as ecowanderlust.com, xploreasia.org, and liveinthailandnow.com

I teach at a Thai public high school. It’s hectic, fun, challenging, hilarious, and rewarding.

I also love to make music. Check out some of my tunes here.

My girlfriend. But seriously, I’ve been dating the same girl for three years, and she has come abroad with me and teaches in the same school. She’s an awesome person, is super crafty, and pretty funny as well. Check out her blog here.

I love talking with people, so if you ever have any questions or comments about traveling, food, Southeast Asia, Thailand, video games, writing, what a F# major 7th chord is, or anything else, just post it on the blog or shoot me an email!


2 thoughts on “Who is the Jai Guy?

  1. Dear Jai Guy,
    Sorry to post it here but I can’t find your email address.
    I’m Jin and now I’m looking for bloggers to collaborate with our company
    I’ve been through some blogs and I’ve found yours.
    So I would love to invite you for collaborating with us.
    (I also contacted your girlfriend Krissy for the collaboration as well! )
    We can further discuss this via email (jinx.viva@gmail.com)

    If you’re interested in this idea, please contact me.


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