3 thoughts on “Is it Possible to Save Money Teaching Abroad? Isaan~ Northeastern Thailand

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  2. This is a good read. I wouldn’t bank on paid for accomodations, but the rest of the prices and costs are more or less the same for me.

    One thing that I would advise long-term teachers is to get your own bike. If you get a new one, you can definitely make a large portion of your money back through resale, provided you have kept your bike in good condition. New bikes from any good dealership like Honda or Yamaha usually offer great service plans, so it should not be too difficult. The money you save over a year alone makes it really worth the investment.

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    • Hey Adrian,

      Thanks for stopping by the site! You’re absolutely right, buying a bike as opposed to renting one will really help you save money in the long run. As long as you can get the bike registered in your name, and you can find one at a decent price with no problems, then you’re in the clear.

      Good tip man! Cheers


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