SouthEast Asian Street Art Vol. 1: Thailand & Cambodia 2016




The world is full of amazing artists who make our world more colorful, more fun, and who give us images that get us thinking. Southeast Asia is no exception.

Street art puts brightness, meaning, and life to the grey concrete walls of our cities, and I am so grateful for the artists, many of them completely anonymous and working against legal codes, who use the urban environment to inspire and create beautiful, raw images.

So enough of me, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Here’s a small sampling of street art from around Thailand and Cambodia.


Khon Kaen, near the Boss Hotel


Battambang, Cambodia



Siam Square, Alleyway


UdonThani, I don’t know… I just really liked this one



Chiang Mai


Siem Reap


Siam Square, Bangkok... Check out their shirts

Have you ever seen any of these before? Do you have some pics to add? As always, comment below if you have anything to say!

Happy Travels,

JG 🙂


Sathorn, Bangkok- I love skeletons

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