A Day in the Life: The Phuket Perspective~ Thailand 2016

Alex Backflip

~Promoting global perspectives ~

 …One of the primary goals of Jaiguytravels.

But what exactly does promoting global perspectives mean?

Well to put it simply, I want to show what it’s like to live in different places around the world. The pleasures, challenges, and the daily intricacies that make life unique to a particular location.

One of the great benefits of traveling and working abroad is how many talented and interesting people you meet from all over the globe.

Alexandre Viana is one of those talented and interesting people. A south African native, Alex has been living and teaching in Thailand for over a year.

Alex Kids

Alex and a horde of fierce zombies

With no previous photography or videography experience, Alex has become an amazing filmmaker.

In the following video Alex gives us a taste of his life in Phuket. What it’s like to live and teach in quite possibly the most famous tourist area in Thailand.

Follow Alex’s youtube , Alex Abroad, for more amazing videos, and slices of the Thai expat life.

Alex in water

Happy Travels,

JG 🙂

Do you live in an interesting place? Do you love where you live and want to tell people why? Have you had an amazing travel experience?  Want to share your perspectives? Jaiguy travels would love to feature your writings and videos! Shoot me an email at Justinruhe@gmail.com if you’re interested (only serious relevant inquiries please)!

A Day in the Life: The Phuket Perspective~ Thailand 2016

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