Tips, Tricks, and The Raw Truth of Teaching in Rural Thailand: A Video Interview


Whoah, this last month has been a whirlwind! I just taught a TESOL course down in Hua Hin, where I had the pleasure of visiting some amazing locations, meeting some great people, and creating some fond memories. Posts of my Hua Hin adventures are sure to come soon!

I was teaching for a company called Xploreasia. If you haven’t heard of them, then you should check them out. They offer a highly rated 120 hour TESOL course that includes Thai culture excursions, information about living in Thailand, volunteer opportunities, and placement in a paid position within a Thai school, with continuing resources available after placement.

Somehow though, amidst all the fun, and work (whew!), I was able to do this video interview with the founder of Travelbud, Liam Kelly.

Travelbud is an awesome company that helps people achieve their dreams of traveling and teaching in another country. Check out participant reviews of some of their programs on their website.

But anyway, let’s get away from this commercial break, and get back to me and my close up interview! 🙂

Liam asks me to spill the beans, “What’s it like teaching in rural Thailand? What are the challenges? What are your strategies? What’s it like being the only westerner in your town?”

So before I change my mind about sharing all my rockstar teaching methods and strategies with you, here they are laid out in a nice video.

Comment below if you have any teaching strategies to share, if you use any of these strategies in your class, or you have any funny teaching stories.



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